EPOS Fylis is named after the local mountaineering club which in 2011-2012 sponsored the bolting and cleaning of the crag. The crag is a continuation of Mikri Varasova, but apart from the close distance the two cliffs share little in mentality, climbing kinesiology and bolting style.

EPOS Fylis is distinctively split in two converging limestone walls, each with its specific characteristics. The left red wall offers longer powerful routes mostly on mid range grades with strongly featured rock, embedded tufas, pockets and occasional brief overhangs. The right, grey wall, gives mostly easier - beginner climbing on slabs and vertical faces. Both walls have good compact rock with few obvious exceptions. The crag, especially the right side, is growing fast in popularity among beginner climbers.


The crag is one of the newest in Athens. The first line here was opened in 2012. To this day, it has been exclusively bolted by D.Tsitsikas and D.Titopoulos with materials offered by the Fyli-residing EPOS Fylis mountaineering club and assistance from some of its members.