Elona is surely a jaw-dropping overhanging tufa fortress, unlike anything in the whole area. To fully enjoy this long and brutally around 30 degree-angled wall be ready to pull hard. When you are approaching the monastery, you are likely to admire the obvious right slanting lines and thinking, how good the routes must be on this sector.

Be careful not to swing out, hitting the ground when removing your quickdraws after climbing and instead stay clipped into the first draw, lower to the ground and re-climb the first meters to unclip.

Fortunately today, the sector has been extended up to the higher right side, which offers some of the best technical lines in both easy and moderate grades, all in supreme, solid rock.

As many of the routes are still new and there are many tufas, please be very careful that you are not standing below the climber. Not when belaying, not when walking around. Use of helmets does not protect you if a big tufa blob falls!


As far as we know this was the first sport climbing sector of Leonidio, established by Stamatis Konstantakopoulos, Spiros Kouthouris, George Koutsoukis and other Athenian pioneers in 2008. Diet Dope (7b) used to be the warm up for this stunning orange white and blue striped tufa wall where back in the days only elite climbers had found their perfect playground.