🚶‍♂️ 1-15' - ⛰️ 1300-1400 MSL - 🧭 N/E/S/W - ☀️ most of the boulders are shaded by the trees

Daone valley is the dreamland of every boulderer!
It is narrow river valley starting from the Adamello glaciers, where it is possible to admire the natural beauty of waterfalls and forests and the characteristic villages.
The valley extends from the small village of Daone, runs along the artificial lakes of Boazzo and Bissina and ends in the so called Val di Fumo.
Daone features a varied vegetation and many small creeks, the perfect home to many wild animals, in particular ungulates as deer and roe deer. It is suitable for relaxing walks for the whole family.
During Winter, the many torrents turn into beautiful ice-falls, which are highly frequented by those who practice ice climbing. During Summer and the mid-seasons, the valley becomes the kingdom of boulderers thanks to thousands of problems of all difficulties on an incredible high quality granite. The boulders are spreaded among quiet pine forests, on green meadows and also on the shores of the small mountain lakes. The problems reported in the topo were cleaned and climbed by climbers coming from all over the world, but Daone still has a lot of potential. Meetings as “GraMitico” and “Cleanforclimb” have been hosted in the valley during the last years and gave an important contribution in the discovery of new lines. Please do not hesitate to tell us if you spot something new!!
The area is often cold thanks to its altitude (over 1000 meters) and north exposure, so generally the climbing season starts in March when the snow melts. In this period the boulders may be a little dirty, but do not worry, give a couple of brushes and they will come back like new!
Summer is also a good season for bouldering here and the area is a good refuge from the heat of the surrounding valleys.

Let’s spend a few more words to describe the climbing in Daone. You can find almost every style in the valley since the amount of boulders is crazy. High-balls, slabs, powerful overhangs, slopers, crimps, perfect cracks and knobs. Yes, the knobs are particular holds having the shape of small mushrooms that are characteristic of Daone’s granite. There are also some sector with sport routes and multi-pitches. One final note: do not come during rainy days, cause the problems could be wet. Daone is a fairly humid valley and the shady boulders take some time to dry. But do not worry, those exposed to the sun dry very quickly!

This topo collects all the boulders of the area called Dos dei Aser. They are nestled in a nice pine tree forest, on the east side of the valley. Since boulders are at an altitude of over 1300 meters above sea level and many are shaded by the trees, Dos dei Aser boulder area is a good spot during summer, but you will find the perfect conditions in the mid seasons.
There are over 200 problems of every difficulties with traverses, tiny crimps and many many slopers. There are both tiny and huge boulders.
Paths are evident and runs along the fairly steep slope of the boulder area. Try to not exit them. Many boulders are close to the main car park which is located along the roadside.
In the nearby of the second car park there is also a sunny area where it is possible to have a pic-nic.
Remember that camping is not allowed in Daone. Please help to keep this dreamland clean!


Every year new lines are discovered in the valley by climbers from all over the world, but the potential for new problems is still amazing! Meetings as “GraMitico” and “Cleanforclimb” aim to discover new boulders and are held every year to sensitize people to keep the valley and the lines clean. So let’s brush all together, brush brush brush!!!