Routes on Dödlarsberget

11 sport 54 trad 1 boulder

We like Dödlarsberget

You should go and see by yourself. Nice place, nice easy trad routes, but if this was not over 20m high it would not be so special.
Only the easy routes are good i Dödlarsberget.
After visiting I knew why it´s called DÖDLarsberget, scary mamories, but it wasn't because of the rock. Good routes and beautiful environment, definitely worth visiting.

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

Do not pick firewood, berries or mushrooms on your way from the parking place to the crag. Also do not bring dogs. The elderly people on whose land we do the parking and approach have asked us not to do those things. It's a small favor/concession for the privileges we climbers get in return.