Climbing is completely prohibited!


In August 2016 mechanical tests were conducted on bolts. The results indicated the the crag unsuitable for climbing. Three bolts out of a limited sample broke at almost zero load and several more underperformed in terms of actual vs specified mechanical strength. This despite the fact that the crag was rebolted only 7 years ago and the bolts and hangers used in the last rebolting were stainless steel grade 304/304L. A new rebolting with sutiable materials for marine environments is planned but meanwhile you are advised not to climb in Daskaleio as it is downright dangerous.

Daskaleio has been known for its aggressive /corrosive environment towards bolts due to its proximity to the sea and the tendency of the rock to retain salt residues. This issue does not affect other Athenian crags.


By private vehicle: Either follow Attiki Odos all the way to Markopoulo town (where the motorway ends), or reach the small town by following Lavriou avenue. Otherwise, If coming from the south suburbs of Athens, a third alternative is to take Varis-Koropiou avenue, following the signs towards Markopoulo.
After Markopoulo continue on Lavriou Avenue for approximately 9 km. Leave the main road and turn left on the traffic light (road sign towards “Kakia Thalassa”). After 4,8 km turn right towards Daskaleio and follow the road for 1,9km. Turn left on very small road (Katerinis st - sometimes handmade sign «Μελια» is present next to the road) and right again after 50m. Follow the road for 0,9 km and then go left on the first crossroad and right on the second.
The road leads to big parking spot with view on the Aegean sea. The cliff is directly below and can be reached by following the descending footpath on the right of the parking spot.

By public transport: It is barely possible to reach the crag by public transport. Catch the orange (regional) bus (in Greek referred as KTEL) towards Daskaleio. The bus starts from Mavrommataion st. (Μαυρομματαίων) in the centre of Athens (37.9927,23.7326). Mark the left turn from Lavriou avenue towards “Kakia Thalassa” (Κακιά Θάλασσα) and after approx. 5km, mark the right turn towards Daskaleio (see also access by private car). From this point on, keep your mind on the road and tell the bus driver to leave you just before the road starts descending towards the town of Daskaleio. Then seek Katerinis st., as described above and from that point on follow the rest of the above directions on foot.