Filo a Sbalzo
Artisti Tristi
Brasc Vunc
Dit Vunc
Il Cubo
Voci dalla Cantina
Nuova Tribuna Central
Naso Di Zmutt
La Boule
Extra Jump
Il Calvario
The Last Waltz
Unrecognised problems
Space 1999 thumbnail
Space 1999
6A+ Boulder at Il Bidone
Il bidone thumbnail
Il bidone
6C Boulder at Il Bidone
Hb uno thumbnail
Hb uno
6C Boulder at Il Bidone
Ivan Il Terrible thumbnail
Ivan Il Terrible
7B Boulder at Il Bidone
Tresch Dummy thumbnail
Tresch Dummy
7B Boulder at Il Bidone
Henkel thumbnail
6B Boulder at Il Bidone
Pai Mei thumbnail
Pai Mei
8B Boulder at Il Bidone

The area is access sensitive!

Currently it's not allowed to drive up to the boulders. This means that cars need to be left down to the village, where one can walk up to the boulders. Please respect this driving and parking ban to avoid further issues!

Walking time from the village to the closest boulders: approximately 25min.

As always, respect the nature, other climbers and brush away tick marks.