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The boulders are mostly scattered down by the beach, where the grassy campsite is. Some blocks lie a bit higher in the hillside, overlooking the Bay. The bloc above the cabin lies on the left side of the bay, up on the hillside next to the small path to the lookout.

There is definitely a lot of potential, but since I was without a crashpad, I had to concentrate on the lower and easier blocks. Especially Big Mama is worth checking out with a few crashpads, the overhang has a lot of potential.

Another sidenote : i did this topo when I was back home, so the coordinates are not totally correct. Nevertheless, the blocs are all easy to find
If you are at location and the coordinates should be changed, please add a new boulder with the name "name-correct location" and send and ping 27 Crags in social media or so the wrong location can be erased.

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