No special access issues

To get to Bulamsan it is best to get of at Hwarandae station line 6 exit 4 cross the street and get a Cap for 6000 Won to the temple Bulamsa (not Bulamsan).

To get to the Monrail Sector you have to find the monorail departing from the upper part of Upper Parkinglot (the Parkinglot on the right side of the Street after the big Gate). Follow the Monorail and it will directly lead you in to the middle of the block field.

To get to the Iceberg sector you have to follow the hiking trail on the right side of the Temple. Turn left when the trail splits after the end of the Temple. Cross the Valley walking parallel to the Back Wall of the Temple and soon you should see the peak of the Iceberg block. A few meters further there is the block with the hard Projects. And straight up there is the Crimp face block and the Mushroom Arete block.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email