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Approximately 10 kilometres before Makarska, turn towards village Bast. After one kilometre turn towards village Topići. Park the car at the small square in front of restaurant Fortuna.
Continue by foot through the village, following the hiking marks. After 20 minutes, turn slightly right until you reach water reservoir. At this point abandon the hiking path, turn left and continue along steep scree slope towards the foot of the cliff. Continue by moderate ascent following stone marks, then turn left, first downwards and then upwards along the ridge with a few trees. This enables avoiding steep part of scree slope. Climb along the ridge until height of the route start is gained. Then traverse scree slope in the direction of the foot of the cliff. At the start of the route there is a tree and a first piton is ten meters above. Altogether one hour from village Topići. For the routes 2 and 3 the best approach is from Gornja Brela (descent is the same way as approach). From Gornja Brela follow the marked hiking path towards southwest until you reach Sveti Nikola church (one hour). At the church turn left along unmarked path through Bukovačka Draga valley which leads to saddle between Bukovac and Šćirovac. From the saddle downwards to the right along wide gully to the start of desired route (2-2,30 hours from the car).
Descent: Although many of the routes are equipped with rappel anchor points, descent to Gornja Brela is recommended. From the top, descend to the big saddle and then follow the valley surrounded by forest (stone marks) until after one hour you reach the small church. Few meters before the church paths cross. Follow the path on the right. One hour more from the church to Gornja Brela. The second car has to be left in Gornja Brela or the lift from Gornja Brela has to be arranged.
Descent is also possible by the wide rocky gully that passes beneath the routes in the SE wall (Ruža vjetrova, Macchu Picchu). From the bottom of the gully you will need to rappel 40 meters with double rope.
Note: For other modern, equipped routes in the area above village Bast, information is available on internet site


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