Buddhankulma is a widespread area where you can find different styles of bouldering, from hard overhangs to easy slabs. The boulders are mostly on the lower side of the scale, varying from 2 to 5 meters, mostly being between 3-4 meters. So here you don't need a big pile of pads with you. Approach to the boulders is mostly very short and the environment is mostly very child-friendly. In general rock quality is good, with only a few exceptions.

!!! PLEASE NOTE !!! When navigating to Rypykivi/Majesteetti, drive to the marked parking, turn right and drive until you see Rypykivi on right as instructed on the trail. Google maps would take you to a wrong place if the parking would be marked where it really is.

Buddhakivi is a nice single boulder with the shortest approach you can ask for. You can almost lay your pads straight from the back of your car :) The overhanging face is shady almost all day, so it makes a pretty good choice for warmer days as well. Rock is a mixture of partially rough red granite and gray, almost sandstone like rock.

It is a good choice for spending time with your kids as well, as the ground is safe and it lies in a pretty nice forest. If you're lucky you can pick a few raspberries from the bushes just beside the boulder. So Buddhakivi is a nice boulder for you to enjoy a session with. Or you can combine it with a visit to Karhunpesäkivi, which is just about 2 kilometres from Buddhakivi.

Some of the problems weep for quite a long time after heavy rains. Those include Samudaya and the problems to right of it.

If you're into climbing 6's and below Rypykivi & Majesteetti make an excellent choice for you. The boulders are only about 70 metres apart and offer quite a lot of good bouldering together. Rypykivi has some really nice slabs and vertical problems with quite nice rock quality. Majesteetti is a nice block of red granite, mostly with good rock quality. On Majesteetti there are a few nice overhanging problems and couple of nice easy slabs.

Rypykivi dries very quickly after the rains with the exception of just a couple of problems. Majesteetti is more shady, thus it takes a bit longer to dry, but it definitely isn't among the slowest drying blocks.

Landings on both rocks are mainly good, and especially Rypykivi is a nice place to hang around with your kids too. And the approach is even a few metres shorter than in Buddhakivi :)

When navigating to Rypykivi/Majesteetti, drive to the market parking, turn right and drive until you see Rypykivi on right as instructed on the trail. Google maps would take you to a wrong place if the parking would be where it really is.

Pahkakivet and Mäkikivi are some 300 metres apart, and you guessed it... the approaches to these boulders is very short too :) Pahkakivi is some 100 metres from it's parking, and Mäkikivi even closer to its parking.

Pahkakivet is a great place to visit even during hot summer days, as it is shady. Rock type is mostly very pleasant in Pahkakivet. It takes a bit longer than average for Pahkakivet to dry after heavy rains. Mäkikivi on the other hand is sunny and dries pretty quickly, but it can be hot place to be during sunny days. Rock type in Mäkikivi is partially quite rough. In general the landings are good on both of the boulders.

Karhunpesäkivi is a crag of 3 boulders side by side. The boulders have a really nice rock quality that is comfortable even in the mid-summer heat. The boulders lay in a nice shady forest, which makes them even better destination for a nice relaxed summertime bouldering. Be sure to have some delicious packed lunch with refreshing beverages of your choice with you! :)

In Karhunpesäkivi routes are 2-4 metres in height and the landings are mainly good. In general the holds here are pleasant with nice grippy texture.

Buddhanluola consists of two boulders leaning on each other, creating a small cave. Problems in Buddhanluola are low, about 2-3 metres. There are easy slabs and harder overhangs that vary ca. between 6B-7A. Landings are good, so on most of the problems you'll get along with just one pad, or if you wanna play safe, bring two of them. Only on traversing problems you'll need 2-3 pads.

Buddhanluola is quite shady and mostly the holds are pretty good, so It's a good choice for cranking even during the hot summer days. Rock quality here is also mainly good.

Editors picks of the crag

⭐ Samudaya
⭐ Dharman Pyörä (assis)
⭐ Paholaisen Intervalli

Actually all the 6's are really good quality, but here a few picks:
⭐ Muototietoinen
⭐ Synestesia
⭐ Out Of The Liverbox
⭐ Majesteetti
⭐ Yllätyspaini

⭐ Premium Kantti
⭐ Rytmimuna
⭐ Apeman Hop
⭐ Ylänteen Skaala

⭐ Kosminen matkalippu
⭐ Salamat Kustaja
⭐ Roots-Ilta
⭐ Kimpale Kultaa

⭐ Suvakkijuna
⭐ Setämiesoikeus
⭐ Hedelmällisyyden Symboli
⭐ Turenkilainen vesikannu


Buddhakivi was found by Kimmo N. in the late Autumn 2018, and first problems were opened the early Spring 2019. Most of the easier lines were opened during 2019.

In spring 2020 Sami Haarahiltunen opened the harder test pieces of the boulder. There are still a few other potential harder problems to be opened.

On 2023 Kimmo went back to see some of the boulders he had already scouted in 2018. Soon after Kimmo and Vesa went there to climb a few problems on Pahkakivet. After a while Kimmo went to open Mäkikivi and open some more problems on Pahkakivet with Tatu.

Also during 2023 Kimmo decided to see if there would be any potential on some of the boulders he had'nt scouted before. As a result he found Rypykivi and Majesteetti, and most of the problems there were opened within 2 weeks of the find by Kimmo, Tatu and Vesa.

Karhunpesäkivi was found by Arno back in 2018, but he never got there to clean it up. Instead Sami H and Kimmo N went there to check what it's got to offer. And they were amazed by the overall quality of the block. Obviously there weren't too much hard climbs but really nice looking sixes.

First impression of the quality proved to be right when they started cleaning routes in the mid summer heat. Most of the problems were cleaned during the first 2 sessions, first route climbed being "Kimpale Kultaa".

Sami took another session with Vesa M and the hardest route of the block "Kosminen Matkalippu" was climbed together with some easier ones. A bit later Vesa came back for a little more brushing with Maza and all the routes there are today were ready for some serious cranking.

Buddhanluola was found by Kimmo in 2023, but first (and most) problems were climbed in the spring 2024.