The whole crag consists of 99 routes from 8 to 45 meters long.

The crag is easily accessible (see map). It is located above Brela city that is located at the coast of Adriatic sea.
During summer, it can be very hot for climbing cos of the orientation of the crag (south).
There is also a beautiful trekking trail called Napoleon's road that starts just by the crag (sign is placed at the parking place).

Most routes are slab long routes bolted with glued bolts and some routes have strange (but safe) anchors.

Also, long routes have 2 anchors so it is possible to climb it with 60 or 70 meter long ropes.

Best rope for most routes is 80 meter, but if you have shorter than tie a knot at the end of the rope while lowering (safety!!!) and you will need to lower to the lower anchor and pull out the rope from the higher anchor to reach the ground. Since it was bolted in 1988. bolters bolted extra anchor that you can use for lowering with ropes 60 or 70 meter long ropes (before pulling the rope, don't forget to untie a knot at the end of the rope. Otherwise, it will get stuck at the higher anchor.)

Please leave a comment if you think that some bolts or anchors should be replaced.

Passing between sectors can be difficult with small children but the area at the bottom is flat and good for kids.

Respect the locals and don't leave trash in nature.


Austrian climbers (Christian Hacker, Martin Simek, Joseph Reiner, Christian Miller) have started bolting this area during their summer vacation in 1988.
They used good bolts with glues that are excellent for those sectors near the sea.
They also rebolted this area and some routes are bolted by Pezzolato, Gojak and Ferrante.