The area is access sensitive!

From Nerežišća head to Bol ( D113 road) for some 3.5 km to branching for Vidova gora. Turn right to Vidova gora (D6191) and continue to the next road branching where signposts direct you to Vidova gora or to Farska and Pustinja Blaca monastery. Continue on paved road towards Farska until reaching a spot where the right unpaved side road leads to Pustinja Blaca. Turn to the unpaved road on the right, pass by the parking lot that serves as the starting point to the monastery (to avoid problems with land owners, we strongly appeal to park your car here and continue on foot) and continue until the first road branching to the right. Turn right for a few hundred meters to a widening.
Park the car and continue on foot on the marked trail that leads to the top of the crag. Descent to the bottom of the crag (small amount of down climbing) is from the right corner when looking down the crag.

A - Shiva
5 routes on 1 topo
B - Main wall
25 routes on 3 topos
Parking for Smrka sector
General marker for the crag