Routes on Bishop's Peak

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We like Bishop's Peak

My home crag for 4 1/2 years. Some fun climbing for locals and definitely worth checking out if your passing through the Central Coast, but with such amazing climbing near by its nothing special
Drew and Alex Pretty much summed it all up. Beautiful scenery and a wide variety of climbs friendly to all comers!
Bishop's Peak. BOOM. This peak is located in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo, CA. You can pick it out from the other peaks in SLO by the large "P" that lies on the famous P-Wall, the tallest wall on Bishop's Peak. This peak is home to several different cliffs spread out all around the peak. The most popular one, due to it's convenience and grade variation, is the Cracked Wall. The hike up to this cliff is super easy and well worth it for a fun day of climbing in the shade with good friends and a packed lunch!! On this wall you'll find routes ranging from 5.6 to a possible 5.12+. Most of the routes on the Cracked Wall can be accessible by TR. The harder routes that lie in the middle of the wall, however, require a lead. The P-Wall, a little father along the steep trail, is the cliff for those of you who want to get your trad on! There are also a couple of fun and moderate multi-pitch routes on this wall. Now if none of this seems appealing enough to you and you're feeling like finding something NEW and snagging your FA... then head to the very tip top of Bishop's Peak. Here you will find a very steep, short, and nearly blank wall. If you're feeling strong and have a bolt gun and the crimp strength to pull onto the wall, this would be a very beautiful and amazing line!!

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