🧗‍♂️ Västanå is a large and spread out area in the wild hills of northern Skåne. Here you get quality over quantity, the approaches are usually quite long and occasionally steep but the lines, the rock quality and more often than not even the scenery – are all wonderful! The problems are in general aesthetic, following alluring formations on sizable blocs with lofty top outs. Style of climbing varies in the area but is often technical on rounded crimpers and smooth slopers. Now, don't worry! There are also some sharp holds and dynos to be found!

Because the very best lines mostly are of moderate difficulty and the distance between sectors, Västanå may not be the best area for beginners – although with that said, there still are some simply great easier climbs and any fan of nature will have a brilliant time! Finally make sure to leave a visible note in the car letting locals know that you're friendly climbers.

💎 Top Blocs
▪️ Tuchta – 4
▪️ Eremit – 5+
▪️ Split Decision – 6A+
▪️ Perseus – 6B
▪️ Vemod – 6B+
▪️ Gulag – 6B+
▪️ Atlas – 7A
▪️ Makhmadera – 7B
▪️ Stäppvargen – 7B
▪️ Cassiopeia – 7B+


The area is access sensitive!


🤫 "Atlas", "Gemini" and "DJ Ålen" are close to some houses – keep a low profile here!
🗑 Remove all of your trash!
🧹 Brush off tickmarks and excessive chalk!
🚜 Park so that large vehicles can pass by!
📄 Make sure to leave a visible note in the car, letting the locals know that you're friendly climbers.

• The Parkings are marked on the map, some of them only fit one car.

• See the GPS-trails!
• "John Galt" can be reached from either "Makhmadera" or "Höjden" by following small trails.