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Zartako, 8A+
Added by C Gredos
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Mad Boulder almost 2 years ago.
Nils Favre returns to the 9m highball Zartako (8A+) to send it 💪
Hanna Vartia about 5 years ago.

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Griffin Whiteside
Red point
Fucking yes! Ground-up 30ish foot highball!
Anthony Gullsten
Red point
2nd try, ground up, scared shitless at the top since I didn't really know what to do, couldn't feel my fingers and the top was a teeny tiny bit icy. Haven't been that nervous in a looong time! What a thrill! Couldn't or wouldn't have pulled this off without the 3 extra pads from the British crew. Cheers!
Nils Favre
Red point

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