Aproach by car
From Highway TF-1 take the exit El Poris/Arico Viejo follow the TF-625 to direction Arico Viejo. In Arico Viejo take the street to Arico Nuevo (sign). Follow this course until the street Calle Veinticinco De Julio is on the left side, which you take. After 150 m is the parking site for the upper areas.

Stay for another 1,2 km on Calle Veinticinco De Julio, take the right road at the crotch and park the car on the parking site for the lower part of this area.

Approach by foot
Follow the trail into the gorge where the boulders are located. To the first boulders walk less than 5 min.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email