Welcome to Tijuana , 7C
Low sit start
Added by Pasi Jokinen
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Alex Sanchez 9 months ago.
Bruno Leander 11 months ago.
Mad Boulder 12 months ago.

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Marco Pelle
Marco Pelle
Red point
Started on the most logical place, with the big jugs on the left of the boulder. Looks pretty logical and has wonderful grips, but maybe it's not 7C compared to other problems of that grade in the forest. Pretty confused anyway. Lay down start has no sense and is contrived, I think.
Jimmy Karlsson
Red point
Jarmo Annunen
Red point
Really nice moves. Lots of places to fail :)
Tarjei Hamre
Red point
Gil Martin
Red point
Anssi Laatikainen
Red point
Really delecate for me. Better than it looks like. Lot better.

Public to-do list entries

John Sundberg
Lf low toe, rf jam, lh&rh undercling. Lh up Lf to roof Rh pinch Lf hook, rf tension Lh up Rh toehook, lf hook up Rf toe frog Rh intermediate to sloper Body down, lh to sider Rf halfmoon toe, lf hook higher Rh up to crack Step lf, rf, lf to big hold Lh to sidecrack, body up Rh big slap to shelf Lf up, lh match Top out
Filip Bäckström
close but no cigar.