The area is access sensitive!

Climbing is generally allowed in all given sectors all year.
But: between May and July some sectors might be restricted on demand, due to endangered bird nesting!
Please find up-to-date information here:

Moneda y Solana
2 routes on 2 topos
Las Canteras
1 route on 1 topo
El Nicho, Abominables y Mellizos
17 routes on 4 topos
El Hombre de Mentira, La Cueva y La Placa
9 routes on 3 topos
Rocío, Aguililla, Nietos y Piedra Tumbada
0 route on 2 topos
1 route on 1 topo
6 routes on 2 topos
Recodo del Dablam
0 route on 0 topo
Trasera Dablam
0 route on 0 topo
0 route on 1 topo
4 routes on 4 topos
0 route on 0 topo
Uhi, Uhi, Uhi
0 route on 2 topos
Parking Moneda, Solana, Cachorros
Parking El Nicho
Parking Dablam, Al-Kaeda, Pizarrin, Litosfera
Parking Las Canteras
General marker for the crag