1. Sinister 6000, Sport, 5.13d
  1. The Fly
    , Boulder, V14
    is also a 9a route
  2. Bottom Feeder, Sport, 5.13a
  3. Urban Surfer, Sport, 5.13d
  1. Great White, Sport, 5.13a
  2. Waimea, Sport, 5.12a

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Jaws II
, Sport, 5.15a
Livin Astro, Sport, 5.14c
China Beach, Sport, 5.14b
Cyberblock, Sport, 5.13d
Dodge the Lemons, Sport, 5.13d
Riviera, Sport, 5.13d
They died surfin, Sport, 5.13d
Muscle Beach, Sport, 5.13b
Maui Wowie, Sport, 5.13b
Cote d' Azure, Sport, 5.13b
Rythm X, Sport, 5.13b
Suburban surfer, Sport, 5.13a
Butt Bongo Fiesta, Sport, 5.13a
Man Overboard, Sport, 5.12d
Technosurfing, Sport, 5.12b
Waimea, Sport, 5.10d
Cold War, Sport, 5.14a
Linkup. The start of Barracuda into the end of Urban Surfer.
Barracuda, Sport, 5.13d
Jaws, Sport, 5.14c
Livin AstroGlide, Sport, 5.14c
Single-celled animal, Sport, 5.14b
The style thats free, Sport, 5.14a
Flying Hawaiian , Sport, 5.11b
Big Kahuna, Sport, 5.12d
Whip Tide , Sport, 5.12c
Restless native , Sport, 5.12c
Silver Surfer, Sport, 5.12a

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

, Sport, 5.14b
Steady slobbin', Sport, 5.14b
Dark Star, Sport, 5.13d
Full Monkey, Sport, 5.13c
Satan's Choice
, Boulder, V11
Satan on a Halfshell, Boulder, V10
Random Near Dr No, Boulder, V10
Things in the woods
, Boulder, V9
Pyramid Power, Boulder, V7
Payment Plan, Sport, 5.12b
2nd route on the far left side of the Meadows
Pump Up the Volume, Sport, 5.12b
A Voyage to Lilliput, Sport, 5.12a
Can currently only be TR'd. A harder start to Gulliver's Travels. Start 6' left of it and move up the arete to a hard move over a small bulge then go left into the upper half of Gulliver's Travels.
Curl Up and Fly, Sport, 5.12a
Apocalypse Later, Sport, 5.11c
Sweet Polly Purebred, Sport, 5.10c
Easiliy Aroused, Sport, 5.9
Clusterphobia, Sport, 5.10d
Curly for President, Sport, 5.8
Jolt, Sport, 5.10a
Ian's Arete, Sport, 5.10a
Gold Coast, Sport, 5.13c
Rocket Boy, Sport, 5.13c
Noodle, Sport, 5.12b
Flesh for Lulu , Sport, 5.12a
100% Columbian , Sport, 5.11c
White rhino, Sport, 5.11c
Espresso, Sport, 5.10d
Idiot's Deluxe, Sport, 5.10d
B-Boy Stance , Boulder, V11
full Scrutiney, Sport, 5.14a
Junco, Sport, 5.9
Kamikaze, Sport, 5.9
Lies and propaganda, Sport, 5.10a
Rhinobucket, Sport, 5.10b
Holderness arete, Sport, 5.10c
Ten of spades, Sport, 5.10d
No Money Down, Sport, 5.10d
Retrospade, Sport, 5.11c
Arm and hammer , Sport, 5.11c
Rap Echo , Sport, 5.12a
Calypso, Sport, 5.10d
Mutiny, Sport, 5.10c
Juan Valdez, Sport, 5.10c
Umbrella Traverse, Boulder, V1+
Zig-zag crack, Boulder, V1
Jugline, Sport, 5.12a
Masterpiece, Sport, 5.12a
Peer Pressure, Sport, 5.12a
Stone temple Pilot, Sport, 5.12a
EDCL, Boulder, V2
The Corner, Boulder, V0+
The Arete, Boulder, V0
High Voltage, Boulder, V1
Super Chalk, Boulder, V1
Reflection Terminal, Boulder, V1
Cranium, Boulder, V0
Pound Crack variation, Boulder, V5
Pound Crack, Boulder, V0
Whale's Tail, Boulder, V4
Simon bar sinister, Sport, 5.12b
Good earth, Sport, 5.12c
Egg McMeadows, Sport, 5.10a
Nuthatch, Sport, 5.7
Smoke and Mirrors, Boulder, V6 (V6)
Bobby's Problem, Boulder, V8 (V8)
Metallic, Boulder, V7 (V7)
Venus on a Half Shell, Sport, 5.12c
Dognuts, Sport, 5.12a
Firestarter, Boulder, V2
Ahab Calling, Boulder, V2
Barndoor Direct, Boulder, V2
Hope for Movement, Sport, 5.12d
Vallee daze, Sport, 5.12a
Child prodigy, Boulder, V5+
Machine Head, Sport, 5.11d
From 'Down Unda', Boulder, V5+
Sky Pilot, Sport, 5.11b
Randy Moss, Boulder, V5+
Horned Behavior, Sport, 5.12b
Idiot'sDeluxe, Sport, 5.11a
Giant Man, Sport, 5.12b
Sparkling poodles, Sport, 5.10b
You dirty dog, Sport, 5.13b
Kundalini, Sport, 5.12d
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