Topos for Olhava in the area of Repoveden kansallispuisto are maintained by The 27 Crags Team.

"Climbing in the national park is allowed only at Olhavanvuori. Follow the rules to avoid further access issues." — The 27 Crags Team
There are no topos available for this sector.

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Hylly, Traditional, 5.7
Torpedo, Partially bolted, 5.11b
Kaari, Traditional, 5.10b
Intiaanikesä, Partially bolted, 5.11d
Uitettu koira -poikkikulku, Partially bolted, 5.9 (traverse)
Karjala-poikkikulku, Traditional, 5.8 (traverse)
Petosryhmä, Traditional, 5.11d
Surprise, Traditional, 5.11b
Taivaanporttivariaatio, Traditional, 5.10b
Erikois-A, Traditional, 5.10a
Kehrääjä, Traditional, 5.9
Vekara, Partially bolted, 5.10b
Mänty, Partially bolted, 5.7 (difficult to protect)
Stuntman, Traditional, 5.11b
Kovat kundit eivät käytä kalsareita, Partially bolted, 5.11d
Siideri, Traditional, 5.9 (difficult to protect)
Piru on irti, Sport, 5.13a
Miehuuskoe, Partially bolted, 5.11b
Guerillas, Traditional, ? (A2)
Honey, Traditional, 5.8
La Bamba, Traditional, 5.10d
Milkki, Traditional, 5.9
Pioneerileikkaus, Traditional, 5.10a
Piipittävät lipidit, Traditional, 5.8
Oma planeetta
, Sport, 5.13c
Kauhukakara, Partially bolted, 5.11d
Luonnonlapsi, Sport, 5.10d
Nakke Nakuttaja, Traditional, 5.10a
Kimpen ulkonema, Traditional, 5.10b
Kakara, Traditional, 5.8
, Sport, 5.11d

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Helmiä Sioille, Traditional, 5.11d
Vekara variaatio, Partially bolted, 5.10a
Naseva, Olhava kantti, Partially bolted, 5.11a
Erikois-kehrääjä, Traditional, 5.9
variation: start of kehrääjä, end of erikois-a
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