The area is access sensitive

SLEEPING/CAMPING: Wild camping is forbidden. There's Bodhi camping area just before the village and Bodhi guest house at the Ausserferrera.

PARKING/ACCESS TO BOULDERS: There's two bridges. Lower goes from the Bodhi camping and upper one between the camping and Ausserferrera. There's big parking area next to the camping and very small one near the upper bridge.

BOULDERING AREA: Bouldering is allowed only on the marked area. Please check detailed map of the allowed area from the camping ground notice board or guide books.

LANDING: Many landings are rough. Often you'll need many crashpads and spotters.

GENERAL ACCESS INFORMATION: "To ALL the magic-hoppers… its even getting uglier and uglier. just too many people up there this summer. and like everywhere else with a lot of people the probability of getting some idiots there is rising and rising. some dont pay the camping, just camp “wild” in the wood, litter the place, agressive against the campgroundwarden, dont dare to say hello to anybody, no respect for nature, no respect for anything…. if the number of people (and the attached problems) are growing next year like it did this year, we have a good chance we will get serious problems with the local community and that everything will be shut down. SO its VERY important that IF you see BAD behaviour —> to tell te people that they are wrong. very often they just dont know it better cause they have no idea about living in and with nature at all!!!" (

Darkness roof
  1. Remembrance of things past, Boulder, V14
  2. Right hand of darkness, stand, Boulder, V7
  3. In search of time lost
    , Boulder, V15
    Sit start.
  4. Dark Sakai, Boulder, V13, beta
    Direct version of in search of time lost FA: Anthony Gullsten
  5. Left Hand of Darkness, Boulder, V12
    Sit start.
  6. Right Hand of Darkness, Boulder, V11
    Sit start.

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

From the darkness to the sunshine
, Boulder, V11 (8a/+?)
The bizarre ride, Boulder, V12
, Boulder, V5+
La Force Tranquille, Boulder, V15
Muschitanz, Boulder, V2
To the sunshine
, Boulder, V8

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Gorilla Org, Boulder, V7
Dyno, Boulder, V7
The left side of the Bruno Block
No name, Boulder, V7
Quite near to Gollum, really nice problem, doesn't have a name on in the TOPO
James bong
, Boulder, V7
Bodyblade, Boulder, V7
Slopie joe, Boulder, V5+
, Boulder, V8
Supernova, Boulder, V9
Iron butterfly, Boulder, V8
Bugatsanga, Boulder, V9
Sit Start
Down Under, Boulder, V10
Klein aber fein, Boulder, V1
White snake, Boulder, V1+
Talon tradition, Boulder, V2
Geschenk, Boulder, V3+
Lucky punch, Boulder, V3+
Spankstick, Boulder, V3+
Die Schöne
, Boulder, V4+
, Boulder, V4+
U-Boot, Boulder, V4+
Bierbauch, Boulder, V5
Gulliver kante
, Boulder, V5+
, Boulder, V5+
Freiwild, Boulder, V5
Fliegen erlaubt
, Boulder, V6
, Boulder, V7
Traumfänger, Boulder, V3+
Fantasia, Boulder, V4+
Nameless, Boulder, V5
Slabjack, Boulder, V5+
Vorspeise, Boulder, V4+
Traumfänger variant, Boulder, V4+
Seven of nine
, Boulder, V4
235b, Boulder, V4
Doppeldyno, Boulder, V3+
209 c, Boulder, V3+
Oh Birgit, Boulder, V4
Moos kante, Boulder, V1+
Beach Easy, Boulder, V1
Jack, Boulder, V2
Klisch Klasch, Boulder, V3+
Sap Mantle, Boulder, V3+
No name, Boulder, V4
203a, Boulder, V1+
Gorilla, Boulder, V4+
Gotcha, Boulder, V4
Boring, Boulder, V3+
The one, Boulder, V4+
Shantram, Boulder, V5
Verbotene frucht
, Boulder, V5+
Liebling, Boulder, V4+
American Dream, Boulder, V3+
93, Boulder, V4+
102. c, Boulder, V3+
bloc 106, Boulder, V3+
bloc 159, Boulder, V3+
108a, Boulder, V1
Wald Hero, Boulder, V1
Crack, Boulder, V1+
Alter Schwede, Boulder, V4+
Superhorny, Boulder, V3+
Sneesturm, Boulder, V11
Bulldog, Boulder, V10
, Boulder, V9
Kashmir, Boulder, V9
Shöne Welt, Boulder, V4
, Boulder, V7
Hageltrauma, Boulder, V7
Maikäferchen, Boulder, V1
Business time, Boulder, V12
Transformer, Boulder, V11
Chickenhead, Boulder, V11
Groove attack, Boulder, V11
Tannenbaum, Boulder, V4+
Number 1, Boulder, V4+
By your side, Boulder, V4+
Ques chläser, Boulder, V4+
Beach corner, Boulder, V4+
Smalljack, Boulder, V9
Haschkäntli, Boulder, V1+
Hascplättli, Boulder, V2
, Boulder, V5
Lollipop, Boulder, V4
Gollum, Boulder, V7
Andrea Bocelli, Boulder, V5
Dieselpower, Boulder, V10
No name, Boulder, V4
No name, Boulder, V3+
No name, Boulder, V3
Toni, Boulder, V3
Big Jack, Boulder, V11
Sukkubus, Boulder, V10
Angel heart, Boulder, V9
Angry Samoa, Boulder, V8
French blow, Boulder, V7
La Boom Deluxe, Boulder, V8
Fast Joe, Boulder, V7
Neanderthaler, Boulder, V8
Zombie, Boulder, V6
Kuchenmonster, Boulder, V6
Moosdyno, Boulder, V6
Bosna Brutal, Boulder, V5+
Fetter Fisch, Boulder, V5+
Big Dick, Boulder, V5+
Muerte - Dyno, Boulder, V5+
Muchacha, Boulder, V5+
Flirscher Buam, Boulder, V5
Lieling, Boulder, V5
Rozkiebel, Boulder, V5
The globe, Boulder, V7
Mariuana Corner, Boulder, V6
Wild Rose, Boulder, V6
No name, Boulder, V5+
No name, Boulder, V5+
Low Flow, Boulder, V5+
Lolo Ferrari, Boulder, V9
left of Jump, Boulder, V5+
King of birds, Boulder, V5+
Hulkopop, Boulder, V5+
Right of s.s.s., Boulder, V4
Basler lekerli, Boulder, V3+
Fool Fighter, Boulder, V8
Hasch Mich, Boulder, V1+
, Boulder, V9
Burn Out, Boulder, V9
Space Cowboy, Boulder, V7
"Morris 7b", Boulder, V5+
Golden Feet, Boulder, V7
Piranja direct, Boulder, V6
Jump right, Boulder, V4+
Number 107, Boulder, V12
Mojave, Sport, 5.14a
Jericho, Sport, 5.13d
Magic Dwarf, Boulder, V4
Nona, Boulder, V4
Madman, Boulder, V3+
Joe Fugal, Boulder, V3+
Unknow, Boulder, V3+
Vorspiel, Boulder, V3+
Kavamurra, Boulder, V5+
Bamboo, Boulder, V6
Midget, Boulder, V6
Chikita, Boulder, V5+
Mentale Blockade, Boulder, V5+
No name, Boulder, V5+
Sexy as Hell, Boulder, V4+
Scroop, Boulder, V4+
Toro con Porro, Boulder, V4+
oh Tannenbaum, Boulder, V3+
Ménage à trois, Boulder, V4+
Big Joe, Boulder, V7
Mickey Mouse, Boulder, V3+
Zork, Boulder, V3
Climb or grade, Boulder, V2
Petting, Boulder, V2
Mind Arete, Boulder, V2
Baby Boy, Boulder, V2
Baby Girl, Boulder, V2
Tea Time, Boulder, V3
Supositorium, Boulder, V2
Moss Gully, Boulder, V0
Smeagol, Boulder, V7
Enterprise in Space , Boulder, V9
Kamel, block 1a
, Boulder, V4+
Mantle, Boulder, V7
Projekt, Boulder, V7
Block buster , Boulder, V8
Apple Crunch, Boulder, V6
Étoile Dyno, Boulder, V7
Mairöschen, Boulder, V5
, Boulder, V9
No name, Boulder, V9
Don't know , Boulder, V5
Kindergeburtstag, Boulder, V7
Unnamed, Boulder, V2
fun before the top
Unnamed, Boulder, V1+
Tennenbaum, Boulder, VB
Hoehenrausch, Boulder, V7
No name, Boulder, V2
Unnamed, Boulder, V4+
swissbloc beach 16a, Boulder, V5+
swissbloc mitte 11c, Boulder, V4
Far first move, Boulder, V2
Beach slab, Boulder, V3+
231, Boulder, V2
Chan Chan, Boulder, V1 (b)
Slopy Joe, Boulder, V6
Microcosmos, Boulder, V9
Babynahrung, Boulder, V7
N.n, Boulder, V4+
N.n, Boulder, V4
N.n, Boulder, V1
???, Boulder, V7
Rhythm and Stealth, Boulder, V7 ((E7 6C))
nr 203d sector bach, Boulder, V7
94b, Boulder, V1+
203.c, Boulder, V6
Boulder 26b, Beach, Boulder, V10
Boulder 21e, Bach, Boulder, V0
Boulder 5a, Kamel, Boulder, V1+
Boulder 10b, Kamel, Boulder, V1
The Knowing, Boulder, V13
The Understanding
, Boulder, V15
Lateral, Boulder, V4+
Roundabout, Boulder, V0
Arete, Boulder, V1
No name, Boulder, V6
Boulder 33b in the Beach sector
Gollum to the left, Boulder, V9
Press on, Boulder, V9
Binarius furbus, Boulder, V11
Transformer highstart, Boulder, V9
Beautiful Day, Boulder, V5+
Ill ballerino, Boulder, V8
Cinderella, Boulder, V3+
161.b, Boulder, V6
Tropical sandstorm, Boulder, V6
Brid(g)estone, Boulder, V4+
Traverse, Boulder, V4+
blocco 209_trav, Boulder, V4+
#161.a, Boulder, V4+
Satellite, Boulder, V4+
bloc #5/c, Boulder, V3+
Intermezzo left, Boulder, V11
Diesel power sit, Boulder, V12
Sun of a gun, Boulder, V10
Rhytmo brachial, Boulder, V11
Spaceball, Boulder, V6
Tropischer Sandsturm, Boulder, V5+
Reta toi, Boulder, V4
Schöne Welt, Boulder, V3+
Hamstring, Boulder, V3
Camp-us, Boulder, V2
Rasta Socks, Boulder, V2
Batman, Boulder, V11
?, Boulder, V7
, Boulder, V5+
New age travellers, Boulder, V6
Old age travellers, Boulder, V4
Swizz beats, Boulder, V10
Low Flow Arete, Boulder, V4
Haupt, block 6, Boulder, V3+
Bikini Slab, Boulder, V6
Technoschreck, Boulder, V7
No Liberty Stand, Boulder, V9
Querschläger, Boulder, V4+
Super Bosna, Boulder, V5+
Heb da Arsch, Boulder, V5+
Moos Gully, Boulder, V1
Bravo, Boulder, V4+
Fine line arete, Boulder, V3
Foxy Lady Direct, Boulder, V11
Adi Dassler, Boulder, V9
Rhytmo, Magic Wood, Boulder, V10
Papa Jango, Boulder, V9
Golden Ei (Right), Boulder, V9
Seppu's Line, Boulder, V8
Gu Shampoo, Boulder, V9
La grosse tarlouze, Boulder, V15
17e, Kamel, Boulder, V3+
Boulder 23a, Boulder, V6
Boulder 28a, Boulder, V2
Diesel Power, Boulder, V10
No name, Boulder, V4+
No name, Boulder, V4
bloc 91, Boulder, V7
Spirito indomito, Boulder, V12
The electric company, Boulder, V12
NBL stand, Boulder, V12
Natural Ites, Boulder, V11
Sideways, Boulder, V10
Höhenangst, Boulder, V9
Unbekannt, Boulder, V5+
Blindflug straight, Boulder, V5+
Slap, Boulder, V3+
N.n., Boulder, V3+
Tricky rechts, Boulder, V3+
Slap, Boulder, V3+
Conan, Boulder, V11
Pacman, Boulder, V2
El Vecchio Capa, Boulder, V12
Riders on the Storm, Boulder, V13
Nano Sex, Boulder, V11
Tauben fliegen auf, Boulder, V12
Jack Daniels, Boulder, V10
Captain Jack, Boulder, V12

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