Johan Rapakko

lives in Gråbo — enjoys sport and boulders @ 5.11b — has visited and listed 65 crags in 5 countries — is a member of Team Rockaholikz

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Fruberget in the area of Västervik, Sweden
Best rock and great boulderproblems! Close to Västervik. More info at
Small 105bc5ba7073
Kjugekull in the area of Kristianstad, Sweden
You just have to love it!
Small 05f5765968ff
Seglora in the area of Borås, Sweden
Great sportclimbing!
Small 347c24ce0867
Hautuumaa in the area of Vaasa, Finland
So much boulders! So good rockquality! So nice problems!
Small d5990886efc0
Lyckan in the area of Oskarshamn, Sweden
Great boulders and it is a lot! I found this area years ago and try to make some new problems every year i visit it! Still plenty to do!
Small 769b27d580fd
Landvettersjön in the area of Göteborg, Sweden
Really good problems!! I found this area long time ago. Mixed with hard and easy problems and some really scary highballs!
Small 53a27d1c2f5d
Häller in the area of Bohuslän, Sweden
Fantastisk klippkvalitet på boulderingen!
Small 8af48e65451e
Bas Cuvier in the area of Fontainebleau, France
A lot of nice routes and it never ends
Small 67b3d2b80a91
Franchard Isatis in the area of Fontainebleau, France

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