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We like 28.7

:( maybe I didn´t find the right place or the right problem or the right mood - I will never know!
Team projekti sanoo sen jo tuossa. Emme ehtineet kiipeen ku harmonialla joten takasin on mentävä. Suosittelen.
Boulderointi on perseestä.

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

Updated parking info!

The path to 28.7 begins at the end of the road, behind a small red cabin/gazebo.
Park primarily on the left side of the road on the widening, about 150 m before the end of the road. There is also a bigger widening about 300 m before the end the road. Don't park in front of the gazebo.

Park compactly and make sure the road is always usable with a tractor.

The gazebo is private property and must not be used!