Johan Blomqvist

lives in Solna, Sweden — enjoys boulders @ 5.12b — has visited and listed 53 crags in 6 countries — is a member of Strongboys, Åland and Bodhi Climbing

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Buttermilks in the area of Bishop, USA
If your'e looking for fantastic climbing with incredible backdrops: Buttermilks.
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Chironico in the area of Ticino, Switzerland
Incredibly beautiful albeit a bit warm (in the end of april). Most of the rock is really top quality. Awesome place.
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Magic Wood in the area of Chur, Switzerland
Despite getting about a week of climbing over the month we stayed (it was WET), this is one of my favourite climbing destinations yet. The atmosphere on the campground, and the Bodhi Climbing Lounge makes it all extra worthwhile. The climbing in the pine forest really has a nice feel to it, climbed many great problems here and will definitely return for more in the future.
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The climbing here is really awesome. Went first time in February and the conditions where absolutely fantastic. Cold in the shade and not a drop of rain. The state park is a bit of a hassle, but if you book ahead it's ok. Kinda bummed out that the guides are so expensive. Have a lot to return to.
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Bishop in USA
Had a absolutely great time staying in Bishop. Would have been a bit more enjoyable had I not trashed my pulley on the first day, but all things considered it was fantastic. Can recommend trying out the natural hot springs after a day of climbing. Many many projects, and a lot left to see.
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Fontainebleau in France
Been here twice now and it is a world class area for sure. Will definitely come back at least a few times. Feels like you could spend a lifetime here and still don't manage to see it all. Fantastic.
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Åland in Finland
Won't get sick of this place anytime soon. Good livin' and loads of boulders.
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Åkers styckebruk in the area of Stockholm, Sweden
Så mycket fina problem på bra sten. Bara den där goa pinchen på Bleau Vibrations gör stället.
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Rocklands in South Africa
Went straight to the top of favourite areas. Beautiful country with great food, lodging and climbing. Will return.

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