Jarmo Annunen

lives in Espoo — enjoys sport and boulders @ 5.12b — has visited and listed 44 crags in 12 countries — is a member of The 27 Crags Team

Grade Total On-sight Flash Red point Top rope Diagram
5.13c 0 0 0 0 0
5.13b 1 0 0 1 0
5.13a 3 0 0 3 0
5.12d 5 0 0 5 0
5.12c 13 1 0 12 0
5.12b 34 1 5 28 0
5.12a 40 9 6 25 0
5.11d 76 31 16 29 0
5.11c 30 16 8 6 0
5.11b 34 18 12 4 0
5.11a 32 17 11 4 0
5.10d 31 19 9 3 0
5.10c 22 18 3 1 0
5.10b 21 16 4 1 0
5.10a 11 11 0 0 0
5.9 0 0 0 0 0
5.8 0 0 0 0 0
5.7 1 1 0 0 0
Yearly top 10 averages
Red point,
Top rope
Ascent summary chart
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Genre Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2015-07-24 Tope e sorcini Sass Dlacia Sport 5.11d 5.12a
On-sight Pumpfest!
2015-07-24 Dolomitization Sass Dlacia Sport 5.12a
On-sight Technical and sustained. 35m of pumpfest. Hard to onsight.
2015-07-18 Šatida Bagaba Luknja Sport 5.10c
On-sight Where does the sand come from?
2015-07-18 Z balonom do srece Luknja Sport 5.11d
On-sight 30m of pumpfest at +35C. Phew.
2015-07-14 Frison-Roche Le Brevent Sport 5.10b
On-sight 6 pitches. Nice quality rock.
2015-07-01 La javanaise Céüse Sport 5.11d
Red point A classic.
2015-06-30 Angel dust Céüse Sport 5.12a
Red point Beautiful and sustained climb.
2015-06-28 Queue de rat Céüse Sport 5.12c 5.12d
Red point So pumpy and the anchor clip is a bitch.
2015-06-27 Galaxy Céüse Sport 5.12d
Red point Bouldery start, after that sooo pumpy =)
2015-06-24 Melody Nelson Céüse Sport 5.12a
Red point What can I say?
2015-06-13 A trop tater ton trou tu t'irrites Céüse Sport 5.11d
On-sight Really liked this route =)
2015-06-11 Le bleausard presse Céüse Sport 5.12a
Red point 2nd. Technical and runout at the end. Very good route!
2015-06-10 La petite illusion Céüse Sport 5.12a
Red point Whoa! The best line I've climbed so far!
2015-06-08 Harley Davidson Céüse Sport 5.11a
On-sight Hard again =) But very nice climbing.
2015-06-07 Kokopeli Gorges du Loup Sport 5.12b 5.12c
Red point Super nice climbing. First with tufas and then delicate slabby end. Hard for its grade! 5th go or so.
2015-06-07 Dieu ne joue pas aux des Gorges du Loup Sport 5.12a
Red point 2nd. Easy moves, but how I can be so pumped :D?
2015-06-06 El daü Céüse Sport 5.11d
Red point 2nd. The crux was nice =)
2015-06-04 Lapinerie Céüse Sport 5.12b
Red point Nice line =)
2015-06-03 Les deux doigts dans le nez Gorges du Verdon Sport 5.10c
On-sight A bit stiff for the grade, I would say =)
2015-06-02 Cocoluche Gorges du Verdon Sport 5.10a
2015-05-31 Comme des phoques Céüse Sport 5.10d
On-sight Hard, hard, hard :D
2015-05-30 Les sucettes à l'anis Céüse Sport 5.10b
2015-05-25 Highway to hell La gola Sport 5.12a
Flash Really awesome features!
2015-05-25 La vendetta di Robinson La gola Sport 5.11c
2015-05-25 Needless and pins La gola Sport 5.10d
Red point This was amazing!
2015-05-20 Horizontaler kraftakt Arnstein Hauptwand Sport 5.11c
Flash Nice climbing through the roof.
2015-05-20 Rock ballet Arnstein Hauptwand Sport 5.13a 5.12d
Red point Bouldery and short crux
2015-05-20 Mojito Arnstein Hauptwand Sport 5.11d
Flash Hard start. Then easier.
2015-05-20 Auf die hohe kante legen Arnstein Hauptwand Sport 5.11d
On-sight Boulder problem with a rope :)
2015-05-18 Osterei Thalhofergrat Sport 5.11c
2015-05-18 Gruselkabinett Thalhofergrat Sport 5.10d
2015-05-18 Osterhasi Thalhofergrat Sport 5.10a
On-sight Really amazing easy sport route. Wau.
2015-05-13 Pathfinder Planetarium Sport 5.11d
Flash Start was wet. Otherwise a gem.
2015-05-13 Liebesmüh Planetarium Sport 5.12b 5.12c
Red point 2nd. Speed is the key :)
2015-05-13 Kraftfeld Marientaler Wände Sport 5.13a
Red point 2nd go. Powerful moves.
2015-05-11 Happy Meal Amerikanische Botschaft, Frankenjura Sport 5.11d
Red point 2nd. Pumped out in the end :/
2015-05-11 Agent Orange Amerikanische Botschaft, Frankenjura Sport 5.11d
On-sight No good holds :)
2015-05-10 Pickelsau Soranger Wand Sport 5.12c
Red point 2nd go. Overhanging...
2015-05-08 Gincobiloba Berdorf Sport 5.12b
Red point Very good steep climbing. Only if this joy could last longer!
2015-05-08 Paulette Berdorf Sport 5.11a
Flash Nice climbing on incredible rock =)
2015-05-07 Jeunes Mariés Séparés Berdorf Sport 5.10d
On-sight Good climbing on vertical wall.
2015-05-07 Heinz Berdorf Sport 5.11b
On-sight Good and varied :)
2015-05-07 Voleur De Spits Berdorf Sport 5.12a
Flash How great can climbing be :D? This is a must!
2015-05-07 Takla makan Berdorf Sport 5.11d
Red point 2nd. Wandered off the route on first go. But superb technical climbing on pockets!
2015-05-07 Sirène Berdorf Sport 5.10c
On-sight The roof passage is amazing. One has to try this if this is in your range. Star scale is not enough :D
2015-05-06 SDS Berdorf Sport 5.10b
On-sight Overhang, vertical, slab. It has it all!
2015-05-06 Plan incliné Berdorf Sport 5.10b
Flash Amazing route and low grade =) A must.
2015-05-06 Amitie Berdorf Sport 5.10c
On-sight Very good and interesting climbing.
2015-01-13 Max-Heedrom Espadelles Sport 5.12a
Red point 2nd go. Warmup. Failed because fingers went numb :/ Nice climbing though =)
2015-01-12 Route #7 Espadelles Sport 5.12a
On-sight Warmup. Nice one! I would say best of the 7a routes at this part of crag.
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