Routes on Kakarsberget, Kauhala

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We like Kakarsberget, Kauhala

So many routes to try in a picturesque neighborhood - with a stream down below & birds singing up in the trees. To balance out - the rock is slippery & moist at times, and be aware of the mosquitos
Nice variety, and super location. And not to forget, great parking lot.
Brilliant routes, a good little hike to get there too, nice scenery. North and south sector a good walking distance about but a nice walk at that. on a sunday afternoon, perfect weather and there was nobody in sight, i was worried it would be busy but not at all. so many routes to do, it will take a lot of visits to get them all in.

Activities on this crag

Kakarsberget, Kauhala

The area is access sensitive!

Pohjois- ja eteläsektorin välistä yksityistietä ei saa käyttää.


Private road connecting south and north sectors is not in public use.