Keinumäki block is one of the few forgotten blocks located at Viikki natural area. The block sits at the top of small hill which is surrounded by lot of threes and bicycle roads. I have been bicycling close to this place for years not knowing that there is this potential climbing rock.

Access may not be the shortest but the view makes up for it. Getting there with child carriage is also easy since walking path is one big gravel road almost to the end. There are never too many climbing locations with easy access for families with small children. If you fancy a place which has the the view while approaching and want to spend some quality time alone, I promise you, this is the place to go.

The downside of this place is that the rock quality is not very nice. It's quite sharpish and rough, but the upside is that this place dries really fast. Takes about an hour or two to dry. Since the block is surrounded by trees, it is in the shade most of the day.


History of Keinumäki block is brief. The block has been discovered 2014 and the first ascents made fall of 2014 by none other than our local strong man called Juntti Assis. Shortly after that, other local strong men (and woman) have been there. Since this place has not been public before now, not many ascent after the early days have happened.