Metsäkulma offers around ten boulders for bouldering scattered around the woods. The boulders are just the right size offering good quality and technical movement while height not being a huge mental factor. Stone quality is what you would expect to find in Tampere region, rough but solid. Oftentimes skin wears off faster than strength.

Access wise most of the boulders are not easily approached and you can end up wondering around on top of Mäyränvuori. At least most of the map markers should be correct now. Early autumn and late spring when there are no leaves, Vertigo and Arkikivi boulders can be seen from the road. To find Wallstreet sector follow road mäyrävuoren mt to the end and then continue path to the right. At Wallstreet sector take the heading north-west to find rest of the boulders.

Remember to park your car at the spot marked on map ie. Metsäkulmantie. Do not drive Mäyrävuoren mt road or Mataluksentie.