Routes on Träskberget

50 sport 28 trad

We like Träskberget

Tobias Borg • over 2 years ago
Rätt mycket klättring... Saharaväggen kalla soliga dagar. Varma dagar spenderar du bäst nere i träsket tillsammans med en flaska myggmördarspay.
Rasmus Johansson • about 2 years ago
Lots of hard sport routes and some old dirty trad routes that doesn't seem to get any attention.
Staffan Ekholm • 12 months ago
Varios climbing here a lake. Trad on slab, hard steep sport-routes and some old aid-climbs. One of the biggest crags in Stockholm. Quality of the rock vary a lot. Some of the routes must be repeated a lot otherwise they grow over.

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