The Gallery is divided into roughly 3 areas: Upper Gallery, Lower Gallery and Red Tower/Bad Batch.


Cédric Bersandi found the area in 2003 but only made it back in 2006 to open he project: Think of Them. Over the next few of years it saw limited development until 2014 when it was rediscovered and since then has been greatly expanded.

The Gallery

The area is access sensitive!

Access: Permit required!

Parking: Park at the large parking at the top of Pakhuys Pass.

Walk: The walk-in is 2300 meters and the time is around 25-35mins, depending on your pace and gear.

Take the sandy road and walk for 1.6 kilometers. When you're on the long straight, you'll find some cairns on the left. Take that turn and follow the path for around 700 meters. You'll arrive to the sector.