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6c Sport at The Bastille
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Gift Shop
6b Sport at The Bastille
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6a+ Sport at The Bastille
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6b Sport at The Bastille
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6c Sport at The Bastille Crag
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Lone Star
6a+ Sport at Wild West Wall
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7a Sport at Wild West Wall
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7a Sport at Cedar Rouge
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9a Sport at Cedar Rouge
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Sea Legs
6c+ Sport at Biscuit Buttress
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Alto Rouge
7b+ Sport at Sun Block
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7b Sport at Sun Block
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Phallic Tan
8a Sport at Sun Block
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7b Sport at Sun Block
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7c Sport at Sun Block
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Factor 15
7c+ Sport at Sun Block
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6b Sport at Cattle Rustler
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5+ Sport at The Island
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Wet Pups
5+ Sport at The Island
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Squeeze Play
6b Sport at The Island
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Billy the Kid
6b+ Sport at The Outback
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Lone Ranger
5+ Sport at The Outback
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Rocklands Sport Climbing The Pass Sectors

The area is access sensitive!

Cape Nature Conservation Area: Permit mandatory - I repeat absolutely mandatory for every single person visiting The Pass: you need a "Rocklands Bouldering Permit" (search this on web), and purchase day/weekend/longer permits from your phone or computer using the Quicket online link. Keep the electronic copy on your phone to show rangers.

Park at The Pass parking. Follow the jeep track until just past "Wild West Wall" (Sport Climbing Crag) visible on left, various crags are your left and right.

Alternately about 800m after Parking and after Wild West Wall take Right at large cairn on good single track for another 400m-600m and then Left off path using the path to The Fortress area, walking uphill. Follow the cairns carefully paying attention to the zig-jags until you come up under the Fortress and The Bastille areas.

Alternately if climbing at Cedar Rouge, Orange Plasma, Sun Block, The Outback, Skinners Boulder or Hueco Boulder follow the jeep track from Parking to Roadside Boulders and look for the lower sectors or find the cairn diagonally left and left past Creaking Heights problem from Nutsa Boulder to pick up the Cairned trail up past Cedar Rouge sport routes to the cattle Rustlers area, Orange Plasma, and Sun Block to the right near the top, alternately heading diagonal left facing up, past back of Cedar Rouge sport route takes you toward The Outback.