Territorio Discovery thumbnail
Serendipity thumbnail
7C Boulder at Serendipity
Premio de Consolacion thumbnail
You'll Never Fall Alone thumbnail
Territorio Discovery (stand start) thumbnail
Hormiga Blanca thumbnail
Hormiga Blanca
6C Boulder at Liliputado
Liliputada thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Liliputado
Pata de grulla thumbnail
Pata de grulla
7B Boulder at Liliputado
Regletas que no existan thumbnail
Phalus thumbnail
8A Boulder at Phalus
Té Rosa thumbnail
Té Rosa
7A Boulder at Te rosa
Down and to the left. thumbnail
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Pink Panther thumbnail
Pink Panther
7A Boulder at Te rosa
Cacahuete thumbnail
8B+ Boulder at Cacahuete
Cacahuete stand thumbnail
Cacahuete stand
8A Boulder at Cacahuete
Pisando cacahuetes thumbnail
Siempre cacahuetes thumbnail
Magnifico / Apargaerlait thumbnail
Tractel thumbnail
6C Boulder at Bleau style
Corpse bride thumbnail
Corpse bride
8A Boulder at Serendipity
Rummikub thumbnail
7C Boulder at Bleau style
El terrario thumbnail
El terrario
6C+ Boulder at Bleau style
Territorio Discovery

The area is access sensitive!

Read description about access issues in general. This area is new and therefore there are not yet a certain yes or no if the climbing is okay here. Behave and hopefully we can keep it for climbing!
Park at Mirador and take the recorded GPS track up the hill. The boulders are down on the steep face.