1. Gravensten, Boulder, V5+
    Sitstart. Without the arete and the big list by the arete.
    2 ascents logged, no differing grade opinions.

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Added by Jørgen Bryn Henriksen almost 2 years ago.

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Sandspollen Development
Kristoffer von Ow » Dude! Looks freaking great! Sandspollen is getting so good, can't wait to return! almost 2 years ago
Jørgen Bryn Henriksen » Yes, it is a really cool boulder. There is more potential in the Eplehagen sector, but this is the steepest line. I guess one can do a couple of variations on this one as well. Give me a notice when you are going next time and I will join in. almost 2 years ago
Kristoffer von Ow » Sounds great! I'll probably be around again in early summer...any more sectors which need developing? almost 2 years ago
Jørgen Bryn Henriksen » There is more potential on Lagåsen. Especially on top of the eastern hillside I have found some interesting steep walls. Also there is more potential in the woods south of Filtvet kirke. So bring your steel brushes! almost 2 years ago
Knut Petter Meen » There are a couple of hidden highball slabs in the woods of Sandspollen as well...between the "kommandørveggen" and "eplehagen" sectors I seem to remember. I was looking through some photos of my first scooping of the area yesterday, and found images of some walls I no longer remember the location of. So there's lots of potential still. :-) almost 2 years ago
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