Rocher du Potala
This is a very family friendly area. The area dries quite quickly, but make sure you climb on dry stone. Wet sandstone is extremely soft and might break. Potala features circuits in most colors and there for works well for groups with different skill levels. The harder circuits has been newly repainted and are a bit longer than before. The red one goes on for 54 problems and requires the climber to be very talented. The blue one is also repainted and has 42 problems. All circuits end almost at the same point. The area also has some hard test pieces for really strong climbers. The amount of easier problems is extremely high in this area.

Some recommended problems could be:
Le Surplomb de la Mée 8A - 8B+
Pierre Ponce 7C
Samarkand 7A-7B+
Cocaïne 7A
La Charnière 6A-6B+
La Porte du Temps 7A+
La Jalousie 6B
Etrange etrave 7B
Le Bengalibre 6A+
And a bunch of more easier problems..

Go there and have fun. It's good to download to guide offline, reception in some parts of the area is not that good.

"Super Parcours Montagne" is a endurance orange circuit starting from J.A. Martin with the Orange circuit on the left (west side), then continuing with the orange circuit of Cathédrale, after that taking down the Orange circuit of Potala and ending with the one in Grande Montage. If you're up for this one, it's good to park at J.A.Martin.