Rocher des Demoiselles
A beautiful open area on two hills. Often very quiet, but some of the classics gets some traffic after all. Before you had a blue circuit going trough the area, but this has vanished. There are still and orange circuit half visible, but many of the problems have been forgotten.
The good part is that from the grades 5 and up, you'll find very nice problems, both high and low. The grades stretches all the way to 8C, with the famous Misti undercling power "traverse".
The area dries quite quickly and has a good approach, though a bit long (around 1km). There is a small valley in-between the two hills dividing a bit the area in half, but it's still quite compact.

Some classics around would be:
Misti 8C
Mustur 8A+
Lueur d'Espoir 7C (one of fonts only hand/finger jam cracks)
Home 7B+
La dryade assis 7B+
Les Guérilleros 7B
L'Olive (direct) 7A+
Le Repos du Sphinx 7A
Jet d'Eau (droite) 7A
L'Olive 6C
Yé 6C
Jet d'Eau 6B+
L'Énéide (assis) 6B
Sexe et Dentelles 6A+
Artische 6A
L'Uni vers l'Uni 5+

Just to mention a few again!
The area is surprisingly big what comes with amount of problems. Go there and have fun! Great remote and quiet area for the busy days in the Forêt of Fontainebleau!

Reception is not always great so good to download guide for offline use.