Everybody probably knows this sector firstly because of Beaux Quartiers and secondly Amok.

What most people DO NOT know is that this sector packs almost 300 boulders! There is plenty to do if someone wants to go trying Beaux Quartiers. There's problems with grades 3 and 5. Same goes for sixes (90+) and sevens (65+).

And there's 11 problems 8A and over.

The sector is long, from start to end it's something around 2.6km. But at the end of the sector you can find gems like Arkanoid (7B), Simplet (6B), Left Side Story (7A+ - 7C) and many more.

There are also circuits, but they are virtual. Virtual means that they are not painted on the rocks, they are only on the guidebooks. The circuits are: virtual PD+, virtual D, virtual TD and virtual ABO.