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generally vertical climbing on crimps

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The area is access sensitive!

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"Rabenecker Wand" and "Mariandl Wand" are closed from 1st of February till 30th of June due to bird breeding.
Furthermore the old access to "Treusteiner Wand" is closed because of some rockfalls lately. There's no street ditch, so be careful with falling rocks at the sector "Treusteiner Wand"

"Rabeneck" is located at the Wiesent valley between Behringersmühle and Waischenfeld about 3 km north of the hamlet "Doos" and 3 km south of Waischenfeld.
The old parking got soak by the new cycle path. There is still some space between the street and the cycle path. If you have any doubts drive for 630 meter up north. There is a forest path to your left where you can park.

Bayreuther Riss:
You'll find a small trail with a fixed rope just across the street from the southern wards parking. Follow that trail and keep left at the end of the rope. Pass the small cave and turn right to get to the wall. The wall is just above the cave.

Treusteiner Wand:
Follow the path like getting to "Bayreuther Riss" but keep going up the hill at the end of the rope. There's another rope which leads through a groove. On top you reach the sector.

Follow the street up north until the next bend. Pass the bridge to your right and turn right onto the hiking trail. After 120 meter there's a regulation sign at the path that leads you tu the wall.

Rabenecker Wand:
Follow the access description for Mariandl Wand but follow the Hiking trail for 80 meter further to the next regulation sign. Go up that path to the wall you already can see

Follow the access description for Mariandl Wand but follow the Hiking trail for about 300 meter further until you find a patch detour to the left. Follow that path for 120 meter until you spot the wall to your left next to the path.