- The boulders -
Perfectly sculptured and featured granite, situated in the most beautiful mountain backdrops ever! Some of the best quality granite problems in the alps, just 10 minuets walk from the lift station! This mountain granite makes a great alternative to a big day in the hills; you can enjoy slabs, hard steep walls, compression aretes or just relax in the sun with a pic-nic, soaking up the mountain vibes and the towering granite walls above. There are around 200 lines of all stlyes and spread of grades, most problems have good landing and one or two crash pads will suffice, however some harder and higher lines ideally need 3/4 crash pads.

- Climbing season -
Autumn is ideal. Spring can still be very snowy (but still climbable) . Summer can be far too hot as the plateau receives in the sun from midday until sunset. If you choose to bivi over night up here in the summer, the real magic happens in the evenings; golden sunsets and perfect climbing conditions.

- Environment -
Be very respectful to the environment; take all litter with you, no tents, biviwaks only after dark, show NO trace of camping/ bivi in daylight hours. No Chipping/ over cleaning or hold alteration. This area is a work in progress; don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

- Finally -
We’ve only scratched the surface of this huge expanse of boulders, this topo just covering a small percentage. It’s still an ongoing project with many more lines and areas being developed every year. This is a vague attempt to list a few lines and get you motivated and inspired to keep exploring. To keep it simple we’ve only described the obvious lines, there are hundreds more included eliminates. A big thanks to everyone who’s helped the huge process of cleaning, carrying pads, spotting and generally humouring us.

- Contact Us -
For updates, pictures, new or revised topos you can find it all on:
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Above: Mat Perrier, The living legend of boulder developing

‘Grab a pad, a brush and go explore.... ‘
This topo is a vague attempt at documenting this enormous expanse of boulders. More importantly its about sharing these beautiful spots with you.. Spread the love and the passion.. if you see this man buy him a pint.

You have been warned...
Although there has been a big effort to clean and prepare these boulders for you, we recomend you bring a rope, harness and brushes. These boulders are hidden under the snow for half the year; holds can brake, lichen grows quick and some harder problems have only seen a handfull of ascents. Some project lines havent been properly cleaned. This topo is here as a guide but pay attention, the lines are big and the mountains are wild.

Routes on Plan de l’aiguille
195 boulder
Premium topo by Team Cham
Jonatha Baker
from Chamonix