Piscia di Ghjaddu is the name of the small multi-pitch sector on the right side of the most beautiful waterfall of Corsica.
It collects three demanding routes with difficulties up to 7c running along a spectacular granite wall. The environment is amazing and the proximity of the waterfall makes the climb really exciting.
You can enjoy these beautiful lines also if you cannot climb 7c’s, cause the obligatory grade is around 6b/6c, but do not underestimate them cause the bolts are quite distant with big runouts.
The routes are not recommended for the children and the approach is quite long but nice.

If you like the multi-pitch climbing, you have to try one of Piscia di Ghjaddu routes. Climbing on the waterfall side is truly an unforgettable experience!


This waterfall was known by the canyoning lovers for its beautiful long abseil to reach the ground. Jean Michel Bordeaux, Pat Colin, Carlos Ascensao and Sylvain Specia set up the three nice multi-pitch routes.