No special access issues

Coming from Porto Vecchio / Portivechju head to L’Ospedale / U Spidali by taking the road D368. Reach L’Ospedale and go over it. Now continue driving along the D368 for 6.8 km. You will get to the natural park of U Diamante. Park your car in the large car park. You have to pay a ticket to leave your car here.

The walking approach is quite long, but the environment is really suggestive. From the car park, head to the buildings and take the path leading to the waterfall. Along this path there are many indications, just follow them and you will get to the crag. Some references to make sure that you took the correct path: after about 250 meters you will cross a small bridge. 720 meters ahead there is a path junction and you have to keep the left. Another junction after 630 meters where you go left (hairpin bend). Large plane space after 250 meters, go straight. Close to the top of the waterfall after other 380 meters. Final cable to follow and you will get to the waterfall. The routes start just on its right.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email