Rocher de la Petite Reine
Not so small of an area after all, orignally developed around the area with Le Miroir, Exponential and Papillon. The area stretches on for a few hundred meters more and one can see brushed unknown boulders at many spots. We have included most of the boulders that looked brushed or climbed even though there are no information of them yet. The area also has a huge potential of first ascents of high quality. Rock quality in general is the harder form of sandstone, but the boulders are all on the north side of the hill, so it's not the absolute fastest drying area.
It can though be a good spot for a warmer day, because the amount of shadow you have.
It's a bit of a hike to the area, the approach is about 10-15 minutes of walking on good paths.

A lot of the boulders are of very high quality so almost all of them can be highly recommended.

The area is not directly family friendly, it's not approachable with a stroller. There are not really easy boulders around because there are no circuits in the area.

A good choice if you want to avoid crowded areas in general.


The area has been developed during a lot of years, first around le miroir by Thierry Guéguen. Later the area has been further developed by a lot of climbers. Latest add-ons has been done 2020 by Camille Coudert and Ludo Delmotte. They made a nice video of it with a lot of nice boulders. Search on youtube: FA Secteur démineur