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🚗 Arrival:
Coming from Arco, head to the hospital. From the hospital keep following the main road for 1 km (you will go over the "casa di cura Eremo", a small church and a crossroad). The main road now curves to left. After few meters turn right, heading to Padaro. Follow this road between the houses of Varignano until you get to the church and keep the left. If your goal is Le piazzole, follow the road for 1.2 km and you will reach a car park on the left side of the road (the car park is just after an olive grove on the left and an uphill road with an interdiction signal starts here). Otherwise, drive on the main road for other 800 meters and you will arrive to Padaro. Do not enter the town center, but park on the right along the olive grove.
If your project is to climb some multi-pitch routes or by Etico sector, there is another car park option. Keep driving along the main road and reach the second hairpin bend turning right. Look for some spaces on the road sides and leave your car here. Please do not obstruct the road.

Le piazzole:
Take the interdicted road and follow it until you reach the barrier. Go over it and follow the large uphill path until the next junction. Take the right and after about 450 meters you will find the extreme left sector. To get to the others follow the evident path running along the wall.

come back from the olive grove and enter Padaro on the right, just after the big tree and the fountain. Keep the left and go over the houses. At the road junction go ahead on the bumpy road and keep the left initially, then head to the gate of a small estate. Now take the path on the right that goes along the fence. At the end of the fence the path turns right and becomes steep into the olive grove. Keep following this evident path and after some tens of meters go over the stony ground. After other few meters the path splits right and left. Padaro sectors are divided on the right and on the left of this paths junction and there are only two straightforward trails.
If you follow the right path you will find in order:
1) Las Reinas
2) Formiche
3) Il Poggiolo
4) Etico
On the contrary, if you go left, you will find in order:
1) Himmelsreiter (follow the wall and go over a small ledge)
2) Gotico
3) Mazinga
4) Prua
5) Cicciosauro
6) Corazon (you have to go over Cicciosauro sector and follow the fixed ropes until you reach the large ledge)
To get to the routes on the far right of Corazon sector, you have to downclimb the ledge and follow other fixed ropes.

If you want to climb the multi-pitches, from the last car park come back to the hairpin bend and take the evident path going through a stony ground. Reach a junction after few tens of meters that is just in front of route “La Fiamma”. This route is taken as reference for the approach of the other routes. To reach Etico sector you can go left at the junction, walk along the wall and reach route “Elisio”. Go left walking away from the wall and continue to follow the traces that after about 80/90 meters lead to the sector.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email