Optical Illusion
Optical Illusion, 8A
Visible from the road. Standstart from an obvious edge. FA Nalle Hukkataival
Added by Nalle Hukkataival
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Video beta
Marko Siivinen about 9 years ago.
actual beta footage from 2:00 onwards
Juha Immonen over 9 years ago.

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Anssi Venho
Red point
very cool line on typical finnish granite. 3rd ascent.
Ilari Kelloniemi
Red point
Nice tricky boulder all about the feet.
Samuel Hammer
Red point
One of the best!
Pasi Sjöman
Red point
The most opticallest of all of them illusions. Superb boulder :)
Sauli Kiema
Red point
Sami Koponen
Red point

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