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Park your car just by the crag on left or right side of the road.
Park your car after the first tunnel or before the second tunnel.
Just don't park on private parking. When you start to go downhill you will find plenty parking places
Parking is located on the left side of the tunnel (3rd tunnel if you are going from Omiš). Hike starts just by the road at the road sign "Podašpilje". First 5 minutes of hike is uphill,then 5 min in flat. Follow the red paint on the trees.
Parking is just by the road. Don't forget to visit statue of Mila Gojsalic and view of Omis and the canyon
You can park your car anywhere by the road
You can park your car anywhere by the road
On the right side of the road. Big tarmac parking place just by the road
Park your car in Naklice village just by the church. Walk towards east and pass on the south side of the graveyard. Follow marked trails in flat. When you start to go slightly downhill, watch for the sign on your left side for the climbing area.
Park your car before the entrence of power plant. Go towards chapel of Sv. Leopold Mandić and follow mountain trail. Once you pass small bridge, soon you will see sign for sector and you will get to the abandon shelter that is at the bottom of mountain.
Free parking place close to the Villa Dvor hotel. Trail starts at the camp "Lisičina"
General marker for the crag