Donkey whip thumbnail
Donkey whip
7B+ Boulder at Donkey Whip
Welcome to Rocklands thumbnail
Zu leicht für einen Namen (Too easy for a name) thumbnail
Pas de Trois thumbnail
Pas de Trois
7C+ Boulder at Pas de Trois
Heart attack thumbnail
Heart attack
7A Boulder at Heart Attack
First light last light thumbnail
Donkey whip direct thumbnail
slab 1 thumbnail
slab 1
5+ Boulder at Sector 12
Slab sit start  thumbnail
Slab sit start
6A+ Boulder at Sector 12
Jug flake  thumbnail
Jug flake
5 Boulder at Sector 12
Jug start  thumbnail
Jug start
5 Boulder at Sector 12
Churn right  thumbnail
Churn right
5 Boulder at Churn
Churn left  thumbnail
Churn left
6A+ Boulder at Churn
Fire bush thumbnail
Fire bush
6B Boulder at Fire Bush
The Ace Hotel thumbnail
Off The Road

The area is access sensitive!

Approach from the Pass parking is 1000 meters to the Donkey Whip and 200 meters more for Pas de Trois.

The boulders are _just off the road_, so you can easily combine this to approach or leaving from the other pass crags.