The crag is located by a small pebble covered beach with fantastic views of Åbyfjorden. The routs are of high quality and some of them can feel nicely exposed.

There are two ways to reach the climbs (see the approach trails on the map). Find the faint path leading straight up the hill in the forest behind the parking. Continue to the right of the hill and you will end up on a narrowing ledge under the route 'Midsommardans'. From there you can rappel in from the bolted belay on top of 'Däst och Förvirrad'. The other option is to walk over the hill and walk down the slab on the right side of the main wall (steep!). You may consider using a rope to get down.


Most routs were first climbed by Jonas Paulsson and Johan Hvenmark in 2004 and 2005.

Norra Ulorna

The area is access sensitive!

Climbing is prohibited until the 15th of July, or until further notice, due to disturbance-sensitive wildlife. Please help to ensure this restriction is observed to avoid conflicts with ornithologists and authorities. Any violation will likely result in this crag being closed down entirely for any further climbing. For more information take a look at the information board by the parking before you leave or check the access database (link above).