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🚗 Arrival:
From La Spezia, take the indications to “Porto Venere”. Along the way you will get into the small city of “Le Grazie”. 600 meters after the city entrance, you will find an uphill road on the right side of the road with the brown indication “Palestra Rocciatori”. From here it is possible to see two tooth-shaped rocks having the car park in the middle. Follow the uphill road, go over a big quarry on the left and reach a first junction (1.5 km). Keep the left, drive for other 1.6 km and reach another junction, where you have to go left again into the slightly downhill road. Some tens of meters later the road starts to go up and after 900 meters you will get to a small quarry (on the right). From now on the road becomes more rough, but always asphalted and practicable by any car. 700 meters later there is a blue gate, do not enter it but go left and drive for other 500 meters. The first car park is evident and close to the hairpin bend. To reach the second car park, suggested for sector Cajenna, keep driving till the next hairpin bend where you can leave your car.

Parete centrale sector is very close to the car park. Just follow the obvious trail that goes downhill and runs along the wall.
To reach the other sectors, get in the middle of Parete centrale and take the path that goes downhill. Follow it for 60-70 meters and you will get to Cava degli anelli. Keep walking and go over the short hiking trail with the steel cable to reach Miss sector. Continue to go downhill and get rid of another hiking trail to reach Meraviglie, Poveriera and Polveriera.
To reach sector Cajenna from the second car park, take the evident path that leads to Porto Venere. Walk for about 80 meters and look for a smaller path on the right. It is indicated by a white arrow and the writing “Cajenna”. Take this path that after few tens of meters turns into a short hiking trail (not recommended for children) and leads to the sector.


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