Climbing has been limited!

There's a house at right end beside the Right Wall. In order to maintain the access to this part of the cliff, please avoid yelling and other unnecessary noise. Do not climb new routes to the right end of the main cliff.

Do not block the access to the old underground storages near the left sector. Those are still in use. Please leave your car to the marked parking areas.

Far Left
9 routes on 3 topos
Left sector
23 routes on 8 topos
Main wall
19 routes on 4 topos
Small middle wall
9 routes on 1 topo
Right wall
12 routes on 2 topos
Seaside sector
44 routes on 11 topos
Seurasaari west
4 routes on 2 topos
1 route on 1 topo
Park sector
1 route on 1 topo
Parking space
Parking space
Parking space
Parking space
Good new parking place
New public parking on road side. Check signs for allowed areas.
General marker for the crag