Marion des Roches
A beautiful hill with orange special sandstone boulders here and there. Most boulders are found on top of the hill, basically just next to the path (Visible on the map of the app!)
The area is still not fully developed, but features a ton of beautiful lines! On the map you'll find boulders with potential, already maybe climbed ones without info etc. If you climb these, please add lines and description and grades.

🍁 Season is all year around. North faces and some boulders on the north slope dries slowly, but a lot of the boulders are on top of the long hill and dries very quickly.

🧗 The area features more overhanging stuff than most areas in Fontainebleau. A lot of small caves and roofs can be found.

The rock quality is special even for Fontainebleau! Definitely worth a visit! 💎

📶 Reception is okay to absolutely super bad lower down, so downloading guide offline is highly recommendable. Usually up on the hill you can have a bit of reception.

In general very family friendly and a lot of small cute boulders for smaller kids to play around on. But not optimal for a stroller.