Mälikkälä is the perfect place for first time outdoor climbers with 40 routes (and more coming). Mälikkälä is located in Turku near Länsikeskus. There are a lot of easy climbs for inexperienced outdoor climbers and also some more challenging routes. Sectors are close to each other with easy access from walking trail that goes through Mälikkälä forest.

For first time outdoor climbers we recommend the problems on: Yläsläbi, Käytävä, Kärpäskulma and the Traverse.

For intermediate climbers we recommend: Hyttyshelvetti, Alasläbi, Puumaja and the problems on Keko


The idea was to find a good crag for beginners and ourselves to improve on and Mälikkälä proved to be a perfect place for first time outdoor climbers with 40 routes (and more coming). The crag was initially discovered and cleaned by Benjamin Bogel.

Routes starts from easy slab climbs all the way to harder crimpy problems. Grades vary from 3-6b. The traverse is a perfect way to start perfecting footwork outside and getting used to the rock and the landings outside. Keko and Puumaja also provides a couple of perfect boulder problems even for more experienced climbers :)

We hope you will enjoy the area! Please remember to respect the nature and always clean up your trash after your visit!


Routesetters for the boulders: Benjamin Bogel, Rasmus Bogel, Valtteri Viitapohja and Juha Anttila.

If you want more info or beta videos for the routes, please contact

Routes on Mälikkälä
47 boulder
Premium topo by ÅBOulder
Valtteri Viitapohja
from Turku
Jukka Haa
from Turku
Juha Anttila
from Turku